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Phyllis Vavold Nettleton
Speaker, Author, Book Coach

Speaking titles:

Surviving Life’s Trauma (II Kings 4:1-7) Short, Day Retreat, or Retreat
             “God will never waste what we surrender to Him”

Storms Don’t Worry Jesus (Mark 4:35-41) Short, Day Retreat, or Retreat
        “The storm did not awaken Jesus but the heart cry of His disciples did.”

Life’s Faith Journey (Abraham & Sarah – Genesis 18) Retreat
“Doing the impossible is everyday business with God.”

Recipe for Perseverance (Account study of Hannah, I Samuel 1-3) Retreat
    “Release the Pain – Receive the Promise – Recognize the Purpose”

Everyone Loves a Love Story (Personal story) Short
    “I am not defined by my past. I am defined by the Cross.”

Daughters of the King (Isaiah 61:3)  Short
    “When we partner with God the blessings will far outweigh the commitment.”


  •     Female Speaker

  •     Inspirational

  •     Retreat Speaker

  •     Stonecroft Approved

  •     Book Coach

Phyllis is available for retreats, church luncheons and nonprofit organizations. She has published four books and has also co-authored the Creative Authors' Workbook Journal.  Through her speaking and writing brings a message of hope and restoration. Phyllis survived a horrific auto accident and shares the steps in her recovery, illustrations from her personal life and encouragement through God’s Word.


"We can trust God's greater plan!"

- Phyllis Vavold Nettleton

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