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Phyllis Vavold Nettleton lives with her husband, Seth, in Nampa, Idaho. Accents throughout their home are the porcelain dolls Phyllis has made and costumed across the years. Her love for sewing has given her the opportunity to create a handkerchief quilt from antique hankies handed down through the years. One of the more recent quilts Phyllis made is called Storm at Sea. Done in purples, it displays a cross in the center of the storm. This is a pictorial of Phyllis' life and testimony.

Since her accident and miraculous recovery, she has become an inspirational speaker and author. She shares her journey of faith at Stonecroft Ministries, women's luncheons, women's retreats, and churches across the northwest. 

January 2010 Phyllis’ Story radio broadcast aired. The broadcast was heard in over 325 stations around the world. She along with her daughter, Cheryl, shared how faith in God helped them through a very difficult time of life.

One of life’s most difficult circumstances is the untimely and irrational loss of a loved one to a sudden, unexpected death. Phyllis has personally experienced this loss and found a way to walk through this dark valley in God’s company. Her book is completely honest. It is unvarnished. She shows, through her own experience, how one can survive.

Phyllis' first book, Grace for the Raging Storm, was featured at the 2014 Writing for the Soul Conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, hosted by Jerry B. Jenkins. Only three authors were selected to participate in a Shark Tank like program. Phyllis  commented, "To be selected to share was an honor and to be encouraged by those who know the writing journey was overwhelming."

"Grace is your song in the night." - Phyllis Vavold Nettleton
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